Type Rating Instructor / Synthetic Flight Instructor Course

Course offered for A320, A330, A340, B747 or B717


The TRI/SFI course is an intense course. the course content meets all the applicable FCL regulations and is common to TRI's and SFI's. The course has been designed for experienced pilots having extensive experience and knowledge of the aircraft they want to instruct. The course objective is to give you the necessary theorical knowledge and practical skills to efficiently teach your students. It is essential that candidates demonstrate a high level of teaching skills during this short and yet intensive course. CRM is a vital aspect of the course and our experienced TRI will share with you their experiences and methods for efficient training.

Entry requirements:

- Valid Type Rating on A320; A330; A340; B747or B717 - Hold a Core Course Certificate or hold/have held an instructor rating (including Line Training Commander certificate issued by a recognized airline)
- Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate;
- ICAO English level 4.

NOTE: *The B717 Type Rating Course is available as an integrated MCC+Type Rating Course for those who don't hold an MCC.

Course Structure

Training locations

- Ground training is offered in Paris or on customer's premises for Airlines.
- Full Flight Simulator training is offered at all Jetway training locations.