Type Rating


Jetway has trained pilots for the A320 series, A330/340 and B747-400 for the last decade. we have developed over the years, genuine programs that help the Pilots achieve excellent standards.
Our EASA Type training programs are approved by the French DGAC (Direction Générale de l'aviation Civile) and we proud ourselves to be one of the most experienced TRTO in Europe.
All training courses are offered in-house. For our Airlines customers convenience, we also offer in-situ training on request.
In order to provide the best quality in training at all times, Jetway uses only the latest state of art technology in aircraft training. With Full Flight Simulators, Procedure Training Devices, learning systems such as CBT's/WBT's, located both in house and or dry leased from other airlines.
Jetway guarantees its customers of the most up to date technology in training and simulation. Simulators are conveniently located in Paris. And we also use simulators operated by our training partners in Toulouse, Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid and Frankfurt.


To achieve the best results through cost effective methods, our Type Ratings Courses are standardized. In this industry, we all agree that Standard Operating Procedures are the key to safe and reliable operations. The Same goes for the training and we train our pilots to these concepts from the very beginning.

All Courses are structured in the following sequence which only differ in time and content

  • Entry Evaluation Process
  • Ground Training
  • Simulator Training
  • Aircraft Training*
  • Initial Operating experience*


Jetway is an Approved Training Organization since 1999. The French DGAC oversights our training activities, and we also hold various other National approvals such as from China (CAAC). If you are an airline and wish to train your pilots with us like many other airlines around the world, we will be pleased to send you our standard approval package to submit to your authority. Over the years Jetway has received many national approvals from countries like, Mozambique, Angola, Madagascar, and many more.

Approved Courses

Jetway offers the following EASA Approved Training Courses

  • A320 Initial & Conversion Type Rating
  • A330 Initial & Conversion Type Rating
  • A340 Initial & Conversion Type Rating
  • A320 CCQ (from A330 and A340)
  • A330 CCQ (from A320 and A340)
  • A340 CCQ (from A320 and A330)
  • Boeing B717 Initial & Conversion Type Rating
  • Boeing B747-400 Initial & Conversion Type Rating
  • TRI (Type Rating Instructor) Course
  • SFI (Synthetic Flight Instructor) Course
  • Recurrent & refresher courses on A320 Family, A330 and A340
  • MCC (Multi Crew Coordination) Course
  • CRM (Crew Resource Management)
  • For Our Airline Customers, we also offer, RVSM/BRNAV modules; Aviation - Security; Dangerous Goods...